Welcome! This page will show some tools, updates and nessesities for speeding up your retro PC!
First, you should get some ‘up-to-date’ browsers.

  • Opera 10.63: (Classical setup) Clicky
    Opera 10.63: (Normal setup) Clicky
    Use the Classical setup if you don’t know which to pick. Opera 10.63 is the best for PC’s faster then ~166Mhz.
  • Firefox (The last officially supported version) Clicky
  • Firefox 8.0.1 (Requires KernelEX to work on Win98) Clicky

KernelExtended 4.5.2:
KernelEx builds on top of Windows 98SE, giving you the ability to run some Windows 2000 and XP programs.
If you’re familiar with Windows’ Compatibility Modes, then you should know that KernelEx adds that too.
For instance, by telling Firefox Setup that you’re running Windows 2000, you can install Firefox 8.0!

Service Packs:

Windows 98SE also has unofficial service packs which include a LOT of updates, tweaks & tools.
Unofficial Windows 98 Second Edition Service Pack 3.57: Official website
Download link on the website Goes to this forum post: TechTalk.cc post
Direct link if the forum doesn’t load for you.
Is the main link down? Use this!

  • Minimum 64 MB of RAM for Main Updates.
  • 300 MB free hard disk space for (ALL) options.
  • Don’t install the updates & tweaks on a laptop if you still want to retain stand-by functionality.
  • These updates can mess up, be sure to have a backup!

Unofficial Windows 98 First Edition Service Pack 2.58 Full Clicky
Unofficial Windows 98 First Edition Service Pack 2.58 Lite Clicky

Tools ‘n Tweaks:

  • TweakUI 1.33 for tweaking Windows. Seen as the de-facto standard for speeding up Windows 98.
    Don’t you hate the slow loading times of Windows Explorer? That’s because Internet Explorer is making every folder a webpage! With TweakUI, you can disable things like that.
  • Ever wanted USB flash drive, floppy, audio & CD-ROM drivers? NUSB can help, giving you drivers for USB sticks and other storage mediums.
    NUSB adds USB 2.0 support, together with loads of peripheral drivers. Clicky
  • Experiencing issues with stand-by or shutting down? Use the Power Management Troubleshooter and find out what’s wrong: Clicky
  • Microsoft Management Console 1.2: (Required by some applications) Clicky
  • Need to know specific hardware details? Use the Hardware Info & Diagnostics Tool: Clicky
  • True Type Font (TTF) Properties extension 2.1 for viewing those fabolous fonts: Clicky
  • DirectX 9.0c 2007, the latest officially supported version: Clicky
  • Faster Scandisk for Windows & Disk Defragmenter tools from Windows ME. A must-have! Clicky

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