About me

Hello! I am Quintus, owner of QuinSoft, a hobbyist in IT infastructure and services.
After starting to make software for MS-DOS back in 2012 with modiate success, we’ve set up QuinSoft as a non-profit since December 5th 2013.
At QuinSoft, we strafe for programs that are easy to run and use, regardless of system, age or size. Now under the umbrella of United & Co those services are put into operation.

Empowering communities.

Way, way before QuinSoft existed, even in its infancy one side has been active since forever. Bringing people together!
Now hosting games and more for two communities ever since they were ‘born’ I’ve been running servers for their needs.
Be-it games, storage or on-demand workspaces, we’ve got you covered.

Our logo is drawn as an U, I and T. With the I under the T meaning IT as in Information Technology. The U is drawn as a W in a way that is means We, with the U holding everything and everyone together.