Visual Basic

Here you can find all software that was made by QuinSoft.

QStress: The smallest processor stress tester for Windows NT. Counting at only 60KB!

Includes a rendering speed test, which loads and spins 4 cubes as fast as possible, and a Prime calculations test. More information is in the manual.

Includes change log, manual and QStress itself.

SniperOS: Version 4. This added a more user-friendly user interface, more software and compatibility. This versions bundles ~30 programs into one package.

This release includes a portable version, the MSI installer and source code. No manual included.

SniperOS 4 will give you an introduction to each program you select, and gives you a small manual for what keys do what, if needed.

SniperOS: Version 3. My first attempt at Windows programming, to learn as much as possible as how Visual Basic works, I chose to continue on the SniperOS series. Version 3 bundles 27 programs in one package.

This introduced the user interface that I would continue working with on version 4, and the foundation of version 3 has simply been improved on version 4, so that I would still know exactly what does what.

Download (Installer package):


My QuickBASIC software is very old, and requires specific hardware to work.
They were made from 2012 to 2015, during the time that I was truly amazed that I could tell computers what they needed to do by programming.
Because they're so old, they have horrible grammar and seem to be buggy to run on modern machines due to all the machine language that was used.
If you're still interested: Clicky