MS-DOS tools, drivers & applications.

Some software may be licenced or non-free versions so just enjoy them even more!

You may use DOSBox to emulate some of this, but most QBasic programs will glitch or just not work at all unless run on real hardware.

This includes:

MS-DOS 6.22 standalone in IMG files

MS-DOS 6.22 is the latest offcial release that can work on its own without Windows

Acrobat Reader 1.0 for DOS in .IMG format

Serial number: ARD100R3600000-830

MPXPlay 1.60G, a music player with a ton load of features

It plays: AAC,FLAC,MP3 and OGG

MS-Works 3 for DOS, latest version

Complete GUI-based word processing & spreadsheets written in VisualBASIC 1.0

PKZip/Unzip complete

Includes ALL applications!

Microsoft Word 5.5 full

Gotten for free at the Microsoft HTTP server, this version is a Y2K update

CORE Disk performance test

See how fast your harddisk is and compares to others (Old benchmark tool)

HWInfo 3.05

Hardware info program, recognises pretty much everything!

WordPerfect 5.1

Most popular word processor ever, if and when WP 5.1 prompts you for a serial number, type in anything you like, or nothing at all. WPDOS works equally well with or without a serial number. I have my original serial numbers on printed cards on a shelf; I never look at them, and just type in "123456789".

HPFS file system driver

Read and write to OS/2 partitions.

DOS USB2 drivers

The zip file contains more than 20 different programs, and includes drivers for keyboards, mice, joysticks, printers, disk drives, and hubs, as well as several different test and support programs. Unfortunately, the only type of host controller currently supported is UHCI (full-speed controllers made by Intel and Via Technologies). Support for additional host controllers (OHCI, EHCI, WHCI, XHCI) and devices will be added in the future.

MS-DOS 7.1 China DOS Union install CD
Floppy install, 2 IMG files

These "MS-DOS 7.1" installation disks are a custom compilation of DOS and utilities created by China DOS Union.
This version of DOS is the same as used under the hood for Windows 95B and Windows 98 SE, which includes support for the FAT32 file system and long filenames. During install, an option is given to allow for the use of a bootscreen similar to that of 9x. This feature can be turned on and off at will.

Please be aware that this compilation is not a Microsoft release, but it is provided for your convenience as some people may find it useful.
If you want to use this version with Windows 3.x, make sure you disable LFN, as various features of 3.x will generate errors with DOS and will cause programs to unexpectedly crash. This version can be installed via CD or Floppy.

QEMM Memory squeezer, a MUST have on your DOS system

Product key: 000-08A-00009
Notes: Use MS-DOS 6.x. DOS 7.x contains elements that DOS-UP and DOSDATA can't load

Essential Games pack for DOS