This is the page where I post my headphone reviews, as said by the title.

The table will get updated as soon as I scored a new pair or just got the experience to use one.

So let's get straight to the point, shall we?

Brand / Model Type Review:
Telsco DH-28-KE-S Over-ear Budget, 1970's. Treble is amazing so is the clarity, but there is no bass at all in the 8-Ohm speakers it contains. But sits kind of comfy. Rating: 4/10
Pioneer SE-450 Over-ear Consumer, 1980's. This type was used by DJ's for almost 30 years because production stopped in 2000. Wow! But sound-wise, bass is nice, treble doesn't get 'pulled away' by the bass. Hurts on the ears after ~30 minutes of use. In short words, amazing for its time. Rating: 6/10
Sony MDR-7505td> On-ear Prosumer, 2000's, these are also DJ headphones, but not that expensive. These sound great too, you can crank up your equalizers to extreme values, it won't complain. The speakers can handle every frequency flawlessly. Sounds great, feels decent on the ears. Rating: 8/10
Lab31 In-ear Headphones Sports Water-resistant


In-ear Consumer, 2013. These are rubbery earbuds, as said by 'in-ear'. So, the bass is just not present but not as bad as the Telsco, the treble is very clear and the little things sit nicely in your ear. Also because this is water'proof', IP 51 to be precise, there are little rubber hooks that dig in the shell of your ears. This makes a very nice seal as far as I know, this also makes your music more private.  Of course I did not test the 'waterproofness', no risks for me. My rating is a 6,5/10
Sennheiser HD 565 Over-ear Audiophile, 1990s'. This is an open-back headset, meaning everyone hears your music. But! This little beast surely packs a punch, the bass is like a slap in your face, the treble does not even care & comfort is out of this world. Truly, my best set yet. 8/10 (Numbers, whatever)

The Tesco DH-28-KE-S:

Cup view Complete view with cable The box

The Pioneer SE-450:

The cable is ~2 meters long

The Sony MDR-7505:

Sennheiser HD 565 Ovation: