Windows 2000 tips, tricks, updates & tools.

Installation procedure

First, you'll get Windows itself installed, which I recommended to do using this ISO:
Windows 2000 ISO image with all updates
It is bootable, doesn't require a prodict key, and the install is FULLY unattended.
It creates an admin user "WIN2K" which logs in automatically with no user/pass prompt, it'll set the timezone to EST (GMT - 5hrs) and set the workgroup to "RESEAU" but you can change any of these post-install.
After the regular install part is done it should reboot twice. Before the last reboot it will load into the operating system and install some final updates that nLite can't integrate.
Wait until everything is done and it will reboot for the last time.
This will install all updates that were officially released until November 2010. To get Windows Update working though, it'll require some extra tools & updates that were released later on:

Windows Update no longer initiates on Windows 2000 unless the following requirements are met:

Other updates / tweaks

BlackWingCat Extended Kernel: Clicky (Japanese website)
Most recent version can be found at the site mentioned above, just look for "Windows2000-KB935839-v29b-x86-ENU.exe" or a file in that format.
The v29b mentions the version, be sure to grab the latest one, plus ENU means that it's English, not Japanese.
If you can't figure out the Japanese website: Clicky for local link (faster)
This adds a LOT more internal features to Windows. This will let you run a LOT more software on Windows 2000, from XP or even Vista and Windows 7!

For more tools, software & other tweaks that'll help you run Windows 2000 better, see BlackWingCat's website: (Japanese) Clicky

For more information, tools, updates. I recommend looking at: