Welcome! This is a project from my early years, recently given a rewrite. It was in the works for 7 years, and has undergone many, many changes along the way. It’s a supernatural sci-fi fiction story! Enjoy!


The year is close to 2030, New Year’s Eve in Talis. Hayden Wandertail, the town mayor is preparing for the biggest feat to date. Everyone’s busy getting their stuff cleared from the street, as a big stage is being set up a couple streets ahead. Lights, decorations, large speakers, the local town’s band is planning to give a concert.

30 minutes before midnight, everyone’s ready, Hayden is backstage having a little chat with the band before everyone gets started. “So, guys, ready for the biggest crowd yet?” he asks. Lead singer Miranda steps up to Hayden, “You bet your ass we are!” she says. All cheering with beers in their hands, they walk up to the stage, followed by loud cheering. Miranda is very good at rock, but the town doesn’t know that. Hayden does, as she’s his secretary on normal days. The two are best buddies when it comes to the town hall and keeping everyone happy.

Hayden merges with the crowd, dancing along with everyone else. No idea what Miranda and her band were playing, but damn it sounds good. Perfectly for New Year’s Eve, he thought. Looking up, time went flying as it’s only 5 more minutes until midnight. Tapping on his wrist, he signaled Miranda that she would need to wrap things up. She nodded back. They sang one last song before it was time to get the crowd hyped. As the song ended Miranda took over, “Would you look at the time, who’s hyped for 2030!?” she yelled. Everyone cheered as loud as they could, the 10 second mark nearing. “Ready for countdown, everyone!” he yelled, the crowd counting from 10 to 0. Right as the clock tower began to ring its bells and the fireworks started, Hayden is suddenly pulled away from the crowd.

It was William, Hayden’s best man in command when it comes to keeping an eye on the town. “Sorry to bother you at this great, great moment but this is important” he said a bit scared. “At this moment, what could possibly get you scared?!” Hayden asked him, wondering what would be so damn important at this time of night. William looked Hayden right in the eyes, “We have company here, and he’s not like the others. I thought, maybe you would know more.” he said. Miranda was still dancing up the stage, celebrating the new year with the entire town. “I might, what does the person look like?”, Hayden asked. William shuffled a bit on the ground, grabbing Hayden by his coat and pulling him in a random alley. “He’s small, completely red, torn up clothing, and well. I think he’s a small demon child.” he whispered. Hayden looked in awe at William, “Really now, a demon child, here? Could you show me to the fellow?” he asked. William nodded, “Yeah, I found him in the woods, he doesn’t really speak much so maybe you could help him out a bit, whatever brought him here.” he said.

The new year’s party will be going for the rest of the night, before going after the mysterious child, Hayden talked to Miranda so that she could watch over the place for the time being. William explained afterwards that the boy was crying in the woods for a while now, but no one had heard him yet. William was checking the area before the new year’s party would be started and thus found him. Because he knew Hayden would be busy getting all things set up for the town, he took the remaining time to talk to the boy. Which didn’t get him very far, so he waited for Hayden to celebrate the new year, after which William could update Hayden on the situation. By now they have both left the town, walking their way into the woods. Good thing the moonlight will be more than enough for tonight, as they had already reached what seemed to be a cave. William signaled Hayden, “In here!” he whispered. Peeking around the corner, there was the little fellow, sitting in the corner.

William walked forwards, waving, “Hey there, feeling a bit better yet?” he asked him. The boy nodded. Hayden entered the cave as well, the boy immediately trying to hide. William chuckled, “I would like you to meet someone who might be able to help you out” he said. The boy peeked up, looking at Hayden. “Hey there sport, I am Hayden, the local town’s mayor. And what’s your name?”, Hayden asked. The boy spoke, a very deep voice for his age, “A. Ga. Tho.”, he stuttered. Hayden smiled, “Agatho, yes? What a wonderful name indeed, now, where are your parents?” he asked afterwards. Agatho pointed up, mumbling a bit; “Up there”. William and Hayden looked at each other, not quite knowing what Agatho would mean by that. “That would be, hell? No offence, but you look like a small demon.” said William. Agatho looked at him and nodded. Hayden sat down, “But why, why would you be here then? Did you do something up there?” he asked to Agatho. Agatho answered, “Don’t be nice. Get banished.”. William and Hayden looked at each other, for what did in fact seem like a small demon child, banished from hell for being the nice guy. Hayden sat down next to the fellow, “So, let me get this straight, you were being nice to people up there, and now, you got banished?!” he proceeded. Agatho put his head on Hayden’s shoulder, “Yes.” he said. Hayden felt sorry for the little guy, sitting next to him, giving a nice hug. “You’ll be safe here, I promise.”

Part 1: A New Beginning

Agatho seemed like the saddest demon they had ever seen, but then again. Losing your family and everyone you know just because you helped someone, god knows who. William and Hayden both knew, that if one were to care for the small fellow, it would bring a range of problems and things to do. Regardless, Hayden took initiative and proposed to take care of him for the time being. Agatho gladly took the offer, coming along back to the town. He had never been outside of his little cave, so being outside wasn’t really an issue because it was still nighttime. Hayden didn’t have a flashlight, so Agatho had to guide both on the way home. Hayden told which turns and paths to take, Agatho showed where they needed to go. Not very accurate, of course. No one can really see in the dark. They’re not cats! Coming close to home, Miranda kept the party going, some people still having fun with the leftover fireworks. Hayden warned Agatho as he stopped dead in his tracks, looking at the bright explosions in the sky. “It’s all very new for you, isn’t it? Come along, they are just fireworks.” Agatho looked William right in the eyes, “The bombs, are harmless?” he asked. William nodded, “They’re just for show.” He said. Hayden noticed as Agatho seemed scared, holding on to his hands, Agatho took the lead again. Walking up to the stage, they all waited for Miranda to finish their song. Hayden walked up, greeted by the crowd cheering for him. They must be expecting a performance from him! No way, that’s not happening Hayden told everyone. All he needed to do, is to tell Miranda that the club is back, and are heading back home. Miranda was told that she would have something quite interesting tomorrow. For now, she could just continue her show.

William went back home to enjoy the last hours of New Year’s Eve. Hayden went home as well, this time with a companion. Good thing he had another bed stashed away in the attack. It was meant to serve for a replacement in case his current one broke. But for Agatho, it would be perfect! Hayden showed him around, and wherever he would be staying for who knows how long. The next they, they would need to discuss some things about the current situation. Agatho could use some sleep, as William already said that he was alone for quite a while. He didn’t know if Agatho even slept in that time, so a normal bed was well deserved. Hayden kept watch for a while as with someone like Agatho in house, no one knew for sure if it were safe anymore. As expected, Hayden fell asleep shortly after as well.

The next morning, Agatho was already up and about when Hayden woke up. Agatho slept upstairs, Hayden was just lying on the carpet down in the living room. “Hmmmm, huh? Who is there?!” he said, flailing about with his arms. Agatho took distance, “Have you really forgotten already?!” he said. It took a while before Hayden realized that he was not the only inhabitant of his house anymore. “Oh right, of course. Good morning.” He said, still not quite awake. Agatho looked around in the cabinets, searching for breakfast. He doesn’t eat much but being alone for a while without food is never a good idea. Hayden pointed up to the refrigerator, “In there, you can take some sandwiches.” He said.

Easy enough, one breakfast later the main subject came to mind. A new inhabitant is always nice but, in this case, this could never come without issues. What now? They both discussed the matter for a good while, eventually concluding that there is no real way to know. One can only wait and see what comes next. With that said, it didn’t take long before both got bored. Watching TV was not enough for who knows how long. Hayden steps in and proposes to show Agatho the area. Agatho nods, “That could come in very handy, knowing the place in the first place. Wouldn’t you say, Hayden?” he said, a bit sarcastically. Hayden chuckles and nods. “Definitely.” He says.

Part 2: What seems abandoned, never really is.

It was mid-day so there was more then enough time to explore the whole village and more. Hayden showed Agatho how the town is built and set up in such a fashion, everyone helps to keep the town in shape. Everyone knows each other as there are very few inhabitants in total, around 2000. All shops are community-powered, and everything is fresh from the farms. For the children, a new playground was built not too long ago. Also built from local materials. Agatho was very impressed at how well everything worked, no one seemed sad or bored. There is always something to do, or someone to help. Hayden told Agatho that there was another oddity in the area, Mount Ronin. Used as the main place where everyone used to live long, long ago. Now just abandoned. Miranda told Hayden very often how she went to check how things have held up over there. But she kept hearing footsteps and that scared her away ever since. Agatho get very hyped hearing the spooky stories. Soon, Hayden and Agatho stood in front of the huge cave that led into the main hall of the mountain. No one really knew if Miranda really heard anything, but only one way to find out!

Walking through the big tunnels, all the torches were still lit and there was not a speck of dust anywhere. Showing sings that someone, somewhere is indeed keeping the place in shape. Miranda did already suspect just that. Agatho perked up, looking down one of the halls that lead to the library. “Listen, there is someone, or something there” he said. Hayden also trying to listen for any sings of life. The sound seemed to be a pen, scribbling very loudly onto paper. They both looked at each other, nodding that they both knew, they had to go and see. Walking as silent as possible, they both perked from the tunnel into the ginormous library. Indeed, there was someone, in very old clothes, taking notes from books. Hayden waited for at least 15 minutes, wondering what the next step would be. Agatho did not really like waiting and shouted “Excuse me sir!? Across the whole auditorium. The person turned around, looking Agatho right in the eye. “Oh, a visitor?” he said. Signaling to come further. “Finally, someone with the guts to actually come and look, huh?” he said, chuckling. “Hayden, I can see you too, come here!” he continued, walking towards Agatho to shake his hands.

Hayden looked closely at the mysterious librarian, he had never seen him before. “And you are?” he asked. “My name is Patrick.” Said the librarian. “I have been keeping the whole place in check for a while now, and you should know that yes there are some books here about you, Hayden.” He said. Hayden was seriously confused, no one ever asked to write anything about him. Ever! Patrick proposed to show the two visitors around, Agatho gladly accepted the offer. Turns out, the whole mountain was in such bad shape, yet in a good enough shape to interest Patrick. He has been keeping the place clean for a good 2 years now, as he never showed any interest in the town itself. Isolation from all the things he had seen at home was way better, as his own former hometown didn’t really fit him. Too busy, yet too boring and no one cared about anything. Patrick also told that the isolation itself made him so bored that he started to read the old literature that was spread around the place. Filling all the bookshelves once again and reading whatever seemed interesting at the time. Hayden proposed Patrick to go with Agatho and him instead, yet still able to keep the place clean and go here whenever he wants to.

Patrick accepted the offer, as he was in for something new and challenging. But, before anyone would leave, Patrick had one more thing to show. The old treasure that was once hidden in the mountain was found by him. The books showed him the way if you know where to look! Down in the cellar laid the room it was buried in, now lying in the glass case it once belonged. Patrick continued that with all that he’s read over the years he has decided that the first person to come in here and show himself would be the one worthy of wearing it. That would be Agatho. Yet, instead of Agatho taking it, he gave it to Hayden. With the reason that without Hayden, the small fellow would still be alone in the woods.

Hayden was baffled by what he heard, bowing down and letting the small Agatho take the purple stone, and hang it around Hayden’s neck. Patrick said, that the one worthy of wearing it could be granted major power. Yet, no one knew what it meant. The former civilization that lived in the cave never found it, and the king always thought that it was a hoax. So, who knows! Patrick cleared his stuff afterwards and locked the doors as what he’s been waiting for all these years has finally happened. Something to do, someone to be with. Not work on the damn mountain for all eternity. Hayden, Agatho and Patrick seemed like a good team, Patrick knows a lot about history, Hayden is the town mayor and can get stuff done if they need and Agatho is just, Agatho. Hayden went to buy a new mattress for Patrick as by the time the whole mountain was explored and they all learned to know Patrick a bit better, it was already late in the evening. Hayden perked up randomly thought the evening, but no one knew why. Agatho asked him if he was hearing stuff. Hayden remained silent and went to cooking dinner. Everyone went to bed as usual after having a simple dinner. Cooking for 3 is not easy, Hayden knew that much!

The next morning, William turned up. He told everyone that someone has been looking for Hayden all day since the evening. Since Patrick gave them that weird purple stone. Hayden immediately figured that out and put it back on. Looking deeply at it, it contains all kinds of patterns, as if it seemed like an endless galaxy right in the palm of your hand. It was all to be ignored next, the whole week was just boring. Going to work as usual for Hayden, Agatho was just watching TV and playing solitaire, Patrick was out and about keeping his old place in check. This all seemed fine, until a new letter came in.

Greetings, creatures.

I’ve been watching you very closely and its great how things have turned out. You might have asked yourself what the consequences are now that Agatho has arrived. And there is already some weird activity going on not far from here. People are saying that everyone has been hearing stuff ever since you put on that amulet of yours. I know what’s up with that. You two might want to know more about it. Meet me in at the same place Hayden found Agatho.

Greetings from someone important.

Hayden and Agatho both looked at each other in awe, what is this, who is this and how does he or she know!? Patrick just stood there, wondering what is going on. Hayden took Patrick’s hand and they all left immediately. They just had to know what this means. Agatho’s old spot was not too far from here. Nearing it Hayden hid behind a tree, looking very closely if there was anyone in the area. There seemed to be no one.

Very carefully they walked on, eventually coming to the small cave itself. There was someone in there. “Hello there, are you that someone important?” Hayden asked. “Oh hello, yes come further!” followed from the cave. Agatho peeked in, “Oh, Tharan! It’s you!” he said. Tharan smiled, “Hey buddy, long time no see!” he said with a wide smile. Hayden looked at Agatho, wondering what the hell this all means. Tharan explained that he and Agatho were pretty good buddies. Tharan came to us to warn and guide us, because Tharan said that we three were the chosen ones. “Chosen for?” Hayden asked afterwards, not believing a single word of this. Tharan took a hold of Hayden’s should and said “Look, I’m not an ordinary dude. In a way, I’m just like small Agatho here. Listen, that amulet you’re wearing is unknown for me, and for everyone else like me. You need to keep an eye on the thing if it does anything out of the ordinary. Also, Agatho. Have you ever wondered who your parents really are?”

Agatho looked at Tharan, “No, I barely see them, so who cares. Well, minus the fact that my play area and all my friends are gone…” he said. Tharan continued, “Hold onto your horses, Agatho, because you are not an ordinary demon. You are a small demigod, and no one has told you that yet because we, the higher ranked so to say, have been waiting for a good time to tell that to you. Hayden, that stone you are holding is believed to be able to do transformations.” Hayden held the stone up, looking vey closely at it again. “Say what now?” he said all confused. Tharan nodded, “Yes, exactly what’s I’m saying. You, Patrick and Agatho were destined to be a club, its been a prophecy for so many years now.” Agatho lied down and said “Damn, just, damn. Let me take this in for a moment.”. Tharan looked at Patrick, “You are just a very smart kid, sorry.”. Patrick looked down, “Okaaaay” he said all sad. “Agatho, I’m going to send you guys all to another planet, Hayden and Agatho need to go for some serious training. I know just the guy who can help you all with that.” Said Tharan. Patrick looked up at him and asked what he would be doing in the meantime. Tharan explained furthermore that he would be there too, just doing whatever he wants to. Patrick shrugged, and said that it would be better than staying here and doing nothing. It’s something.

Part 3: Xystran’s training camp for the gifted.

Tharan continued to explain some techniques Agatho will need to learn. The first thing he would need to be able to do is teleportation. Tharan told everyone that its not a pleasant sight, but it does work. Agatho would need to envision his destination, then concentrate if he was there. Then, it SHOULD do something. Tharan also explained, that the more he would practice, the better it would become. To a certain point, he can then grab a hold of someone else, and take them with him.

Agatho was happy to learn so much and get so many answers about himself. But he will start easy, and Tharan will do the heavy lifting for others.

Tharan gave Agatho a small painting, “Look at this, and imagine you being in this exact place.” He said, showing what looked like a small island with a military style camp on it. Agatho nodded, took and hold of the painting and closed his eyes. Nothing happened. Tharan looked closely at the painting. “Nothing yet? You’ll learn it soon, don’t you worry.” Tharan seemed disappointed but relieved at the same time. Hayden took a hold of Agatho, “Hey bud, I know this is a lot to take in and try. I know how happy you are, but don’t try too hard, okay? You might end up somewhere else.” He said. Agatho nodded, “Yeah, I know. Its easy if you know how, it will just take some time.” He agreed. Patrick clapped, screaming softly. “eeeeeee, this is so exiting!” he said, jumping all over the place.

Tharan called everyone together, to hold each other’s hands. Within the blink of an eye, they were gone. A loud gust of wind flowed over the place. For our little club here, they could only see darkness. Darkness and stars as they appeared to be traveling though space, physically and mentally. No one could talk, nor breathe. It was a lot to take in, seeing all those little specks of light pass by at lightspeed. Before they knew it, or even had the chance to really remember what they just went though, everyone landed on what seemed to be the painting’s island. Hayden looked around, spotting an entrance like structure up north. Tharan let go of us, walked up to it and waved. “Well, what are we waiting for? Someone’s very happy to see you all!” he said. Everyone looked at each other, wondering what in the world they just stepped into. Not questioning anything, they all went on, following Tharan.

Upon entering, they were now in a literal military campsite. But, without the military. Out of one of the tents came an old dude, in his 40’s maybe. “Oh my lord you guys made it! Tharan you could not have picked a better spot for them.: he said, walking up to everyone. Hayden looked at Agatho and back, “The heck is all this?” he asked. The guy stopped dead in his tracks, “Oh I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. Hello! I’m Xystran, I run this place otherwise known as the training camp for the gifted. It’s a pleasure to have you all in here!” Agatho perked up, “That sounds cool as all hell dude! So, what’s next, a tour of the place?” Tharan laughed, “Yeah, yeah there is. Xystran, mind showing the boys what we do in here?” Xystran nodded, “With pleasure, buddy!” he said. Waving everyone to follow him.

Xystran showed the club, introducing everyone else to them. He told that this camp is for training the super-naturals, or just plain gifted. Extraordinary strength, knowledge, or whatever else. If you don’t like the outside world and want to develop yourself further, there is a good chance one of the telepaths already know about it. You will then receive a letter with an address. If the person does decide to go, they meet up with Xystran and a teleporter, which will take the lucky guy or gal to this island. Free from the government, and with extra safety spots in case someone could get destructive while trying to control their powers. Turns out the main reason why the crew’s been called for now, is that one of the students here accidently used his powers outside of the safe zone. Now this whole planet is panicking, wondering what caused the sudden tornados and other weather-related damages. The weather stations didn’t predict a thing. That said, there is an ever-growing group of people who are trying to figure out our location or our kind. It’s the crew’s job to investigate.

Tharan knew about it all along, and so did Xystran. Tharan told them that he’s sure something’s about to unfold badly. He warned everyone to look out for any strange activities. Hayden asked, “So, what exactly are we supposed to do?”. Xystran pointed at Agatho. “You guys will go ahead and look around Amsterdam. A city close by. Agatho on the other hand will stay here for a little longer, training his teleportation abilities. Then, when he’s done, we will get him to catch up with you guys. Sounds fair?” Agatho agreed, while is was a bit shitty to not go on an adventure with the others. William was assigned as the know-how guy, Hayden as leader and Patrick as a guide, so to say.

Part 4: Earth is a mess.

Tharan didn’t want to waste any time, leaving Agatho behind and taking the rest with him. A new city was waiting for them, holding all kinds of secrets. Tharan instructed Hayden to go buy a newspaper, that might provide something to get started with. Patrick and William waited while Hayden left to go shopping. After a good 10 minutes, he came back. “This is certainly helpful, look at this!” he said, holding the front page to everyone else. The first headline stated just what they needed. “Unpredictable weather changes is this the work of a madman, or aren’t we alone?” it stated. Immediately explaining the possibilities that someone might have created some kind of machine, or that there is something supernatural doing it. Following that up with interviews. People are suspecting all kinds of things: Superheroes, supernatural humans, paranormal activities due to someone having pissed off a god. You name it, someone thinks just that.

William took a hold of the newspaper, pointing at the supernatural interview. “Well, it doesn’t explicitly mention any demigods. So wonder of Xystran should really be worried.” He said. Hayden was just about to say the same, “Well, yes. Just because this newspaper doesn’t list something does not mean that its not there.” He said. Everyone nodded. “Look guys, we are here for a reason, and we need to figure out if we are in real danger or not. That’s what we need to do. And don’t forget, Agatho is working hard so that he can join us later.”

Tharan pointed to a large building up north. “Seems like we need to ask for any clues. Look over there, those guys might be able to help us.”. Hayden looked closely at it. “Who’s there then?” he asked. Tharan laughed, “As you might know, I have a lot of connections all over the place. Let me do the talking, and we will certainly get something useful.” He said. William went immediately, not asking any questions. It’s a 10-minute walk or thereabouts, so not that long. Tharan arrived first, ringing the doorbell. No response, instead, a letter fell out of the mailbox. Written on it was “Welcome back, Tharan.”

Hayden also saw the heading and asked, “But, if your name is on it, then they must have expected you?” he asked. Tharan nodded, “Indeed, never underestimate your kind. Now, lets see what they have to say about the situation.” He said while cutting the letter open. Holding it in front of everyone to see. It said the following:

Status report, 18th of September 2019.

The people know about our existence, but they are still unsure if it’s the government messing around, or if it’s a fact. The national authorities are already on the lookout for any strange behavior. Act normal!

Keep your magic (or similar) use and other activities under control, and it might die down. If not, be prepared for some kind of war, we cannot comprehend the possibilities about what will happen to us.

This is a message to all of our kind, be normal, don’t let anyone see you in your true form. This could lead to disastrous results. We are still not sure about the current state of our community, but we do know this:

One, keep yourself at a safe distance from the police. Two, don’t let anyone see your true form. Three, if someone’s looking at you in a suspicious way, look away. Four, if you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings, keep someone with you for safety reasons. Five, if you have a phone and someone calls you with a government-type number, ignore it.

This is all we can say for now, keep yourself under control and safe while we, the demigod community help to figure out what’s going on and what we can do to protect ourselves. We hope to update everyone as soon as possible.

End of report.

Everyone stood in aw while reading it, William finishing first. “Oh crap, this is worse then I imagined.” He said. Hayden agreed. Tharan looked at everyone as Patrick finished reading as well. Patrick suggested they should look around the city. Which they did, but nothing was found. It even seemed to boring out here, that even the cafe’s had no life at all. Unless….

Hayden pointed at a small headway down an alley, “That looks awfully suspicious. The sign says ‘for allies only!’, what’s that about?” he asked. Tharan laughed, “Oh good thinking! That’s our official café, maybe they should know a bit more or maybe even clues. Who fancies a small break and something to drink?” he asked, smiling. Everyone cheered, walking all day is no fun at all. Upon walking down the alley way, Tharan peeked through the small hole in the door, looking at the bartender. “It’s safe, he said.” Opening the door, walking towards the counter. It was quite busy in here in the evening. Tharan called the bartender and had a little chat, introducing the rest of the crew before they would be kicked out. Tharan knew the place, so all he had to say is that the rest were friends of his. Easy!

They all stayed for a good while, all chilling a bit while having a coke. Tharan finished his glass, and asked the bartender about the recent report, showing the letter he had just gotten. “Oh yes, good thing you came here. We have just what you need.” Said the bartender, calling another guy in the bar. “This lad will tell you everything you need.” He said. The guy was holding a whole map of papers, going behind the bar and telling the crew to group up. “Alright, you wanted clues, I got them. Look at this map, we have been looking at Iceland for a while. Its quite far from here, but we’ve seen something really weird.” He continued. Hayden took hold of a small screen, wondering what was on it.” The guy took it back, and showed it to the rest. “Hasty, are we?” he laughed. “Anyways, look here. We have seen some weird crates popping up from underneath the surface, right as the sun shined on them. You normally cant see them, but with so much snow melting you can now.” He said.

Patrick perked up, “So let me guess, we should go have a look and investigate?” he asked. The guy nodded, “Yes, and I’m sure you lads will fit quite nicely. Here is a boat ticket, and your passes for the harbor. Watch out though, because the way things are heading, it’s just a mess.” Tharan agreed, looking at the passes. “We really need to head out as quickly as we can. Let’s just find a hotel and leave early in the morning. Is that okay we everyone?” he asked. They all nodded. The bartender gave a thumbs up as Tharan paid our drinks, and they left for a good night rest as the adventure were to unfold. Hayden looked down at this necklace, holding the amulet. It was beginning to glow, yet he didn’t seem to really care. “Meh, its nothing special” he thought, must be the sun. Right?

Part 5: The truth about it all.

They all went to find the best hotel for the least money, immediately going to sleep for what’s to come. A well-rested adventurer is always better than a sleep-drunk night owl, they all thought. Tharan didn’t sleep as much, as he still needed to check if the passes and whatever else was given were legit. They were, so they could all leave as the morning rose. Hayden was the first, as for once in a lifetime his alarm clock worked. He was already waiting in the lobby with his backpack on. Didn’t take long for the rest to join, as they all went to the local harbor. A boat was already waiting for them! They all quickly set sail for Iceland, wondering what would await them. The boat trip took around 2 days. Hayden and the rest were bored most of the time, having to make do with some playing cards. It was not a pleasant trip, having heavy weather at night rocking the rock from side to side. Agatho didn’t seem to pop up yet as well, not a single world was heard from him since they all left.

Upon arriving in Reykjavik and checking in they all had a small meeting, as now they needed to figure out what to actually do. Hayden came up with the idea to grab some thick clothes and sky gear, then head into the mountains and see for anything suspicious. In the bar they mentioned to look out for large spots of ice. Where they would be, no one knew. Most of the crew agreed, except for Patrick. He does not like cold weather at all. Instead, they gave him an extra thick coat. Easy solutions are mostly the best, right? After planning where they would head first, something waved at the distance. It was Agatho!

“Hey, over here!” he screamed at everyone, running towards them, almost falling flat on his face. Hayden waved back, “You made it! Just in time as well”. Agatho came from the town next door, as he had a small positioning problem while really trying to teleport. He told everyone that the training went really well, as he could teleport all over the place now without much delay. This big leap would be the big moment of truth, so by missing the position by one town, its not that bad. Tharan went back to the shop to get a small coat for the fella, as no one assumed he would be back by now. Grabbing their ski gear, the next destination would be a central spot in between all the mountains. If they would already find something there, that would make it way easier. Then again, its way too obvious to pick such a clear spot. If the satellites would have updated, they could just see it right away. It has been a week by now since the whole adventure began, and they don’t work that fast.

It was around 8 in the morning, as they all set out to go and find this mysterious ‘thing’. Skiing all the way to this central point was going to take quite some time, so they took frequent stops. Around 4 hours later, they arrived. Agatho already started to look around, “Well then, time to get searching!” he announced all happy. Hayden and William started to look on the left, with Patrick and Tharan on the right. Agatho was sweeping the snow around in the middle, looking for any clues. It certainly was a big task, as you had this large bowl-shaped landscape with mountains on all sides. They went looking for hours on end, clearing all the snow they could see in the hopes that something would show. Agatho stopped, looking at the floor. The last area seemed to give light. Hayden noticed it as well, standing next to Agatho.

“Did we find what we need?” he asked. Agatho nodded, “Probably, who knows. Guys! Come over here!”. Tharan didn’t question anything as the other did, beginning to dig as clear as much as possible. The rest didn’t even have time to respond, as the area was already cleared. “Well then, who brought a pickaxe?” he asked. Everyone shook their heads, no one brought any tools what so ever. Tharan sighted. “Agatho, I’ll need you to show that other thing we learned. Just be careful with it, okay?” he asked kindly. Agatho got on his knees, his hands on the underlying ice floor. The ice started to melt, as Agatho seemed to get really, hot. Tharan gave a thumbs up, and explained; “Agatho can also heat up parts of himself to melt stuffs or whatever the need may be. Neat, isn’t it?”. Hayden stood there, clapping; “Now that’s cool dude. Instant hotdogs in the palm of your hand!”. Jokes aside, the ice showed a crate. Not visible before. Tharan told Agatho to step away as he got on his knees as well, slowly but surely lifting the crate out. It wasn’t even all that heavy.

William proposed they should go and look for a cave to put it in and take a rest. Which they all found to be an excellent idea. Hayden felt like walking and put the small crate on his ski’s. Easy transportation! Agatho went his way as everyone followed. The cave was about half an hour walk from where they were. Hence, even though it seemed quite calm everyone would certainly need to watch out for wild animals. Who knows what would be hiding in there? So, after half an hour or thereabouts, Tharan went in to take a look. They all stood in front of a huge opening in the side of a mountain. All patiently waiting for Tharan to return. After a short while he waved back at everyone that it would be safe. Everyone packed their backs, went into the cave and laid down their sleeping bags.

Everyone was exhausted after all that working and walking. Having to dig an entire valley is all but easy. Everyone just stared at the chest, waiting for something to happen. Nothing did. William already went to take a quick nap, as the others followed. Yet, the next morning:

Tharan was the first to wake up, immediately noticing that everyone fell asleep. He waited for 5 minutes, after which complaining loudly, “Wake up guys! Let’s get moving!” No one was awake at that moment, as William woke up completely lost from Tharan. “Huh? What the heck happened.” he asked all confused. Patrick woke up next, noticing something was off. He started to walk around the place, wondering what it could be. The rest woke up shortly after, as they noticed as well. Hayden was suddenly gone! Tharan took action and said “Well, if we have all our stuff, we should go look for Hayden. That’s at least something we can do for now.” Agatho had more things to worry about \, “But what if he comes back? He won’t find us ever again!”

Patrick knew well that that would never happen. “Hayden is Hayden, and that seems unlikely. If he’s going somewhere, he knows what he’s doing.” He said to Agatho.

Tharan nodded, “Why would a leader leave his crew alone if he didn’t know for sure if things would turn all right? “

Patrick hummed, getting impatient. “Well, let’s just get everything here put aside for the time being and go look for the old bastard.” He said.

William held the group to a hold, because “I’d say that if things go bad, this will turn into a hunt. Not a search mission.”

They all agreed on the most important things and thus packing our bags, everyone went back to the usual travels. But not for answers, no. A lost crew member, that’s why. The team passed through so much landscape by the last 2 days, no one even knew if we really were making progress. Patrick stopped, held his arms back and pointed to a mountain side. “Whoa dudes, look, to the left! On that cliff.” he whispered. Patrick grabbed his binoculars, looking at the black shim. “Wait a second, that’s a person!” He quickly screamed towards the figure to say hello, only to make him flee. William face palmed “Oh you dummy now look, we couldn’t even make out if that would be Hayden or a random dude!”

Agatho didn’t hesitate and ran towards the mountain or staircase in this case. “No time for cussing, follow him!”

Patrick went ahead, quickly running towards what seemed to be a staircase, a long one, but regardless. Running and running, but the figure was nowhere to be seen.

Patrick: “Okay hold on, that went way too fast. For one, don’t look down as you might get sick, two, where the hell did he go?”

William gave everyone a push in the back, running to catch up with Patrick. “I suspect he’s at the top, waiting for us. Or, he’s waiting to do something evil which is most likely the case!” he startled. Patrick warned us on the way, reaching the staircase. “Be careful, and whisper on your way to the top.” The staircase went on for a good 15 minutes, taking quite the toll on their way. Patrick was first up there, waving William and Patrick to hold up. Peeking around, the figure was indeed here. Patrick was first and jumped on top of the plateau and pointed right at the figure.

Patrick pointed right at the guy, screaming “Gotcha! Turn around you, why did you run away?”

The mysterious person began to laugh hysterically, looking at Patrick he began chattering, “You guys really have no idea what you’re looking for, do you. Hey faggots on the stairs, get over here at once!”

William got just a bit triggered and protested, “HEY! You don’t speak to us like that, now explain yourself!” The guy was dressed completely black, not very easy to see his face or expressions, “Explaining? Heh, no. That’s YOUR job. Now, see you all later!” he went. In that exact moment he looked everyone right in the eye, and with one snip of his fingers, the team’s vision was turned to darkness.

Everyone fell right to the ground, looking some something to hold on to. Patrick began, “What the hell is this!? Show yourself, meany!” Offended but careless, he spoke even more sadistic. “You’re calling ME the meany? Oh Patrick, listen to yourself. All those years in a cave really didn’t do any good, did they. Enough chatter, all of you, GO.”

Agatho almost ran away, screaming like he knew what was coming. “NO, NO NOT THIS AGAIN!” he yelled.

A loud bang follows, then silence.

William noticed a change in atmosphere, there must have been some kind of teleportation. The only guy he knows who would be capable of doing so is Agatho… “Watch out guys, these random dudes are not normal humans! Agatho!? What’s going on!?” he asked him. Yet, the figure remained calm, “Oh he’ll be safe, and don’t worry. We have lots of questions for all of you. Now, enough messing around. There is business to take care of.” By surprise, a large force took everyone by storm, feeling exactly like the teleportation Tharan does sometimes. Thus, only Agatho stays awake as he saw it coming, not the others. The same guy again, getting more and more mysterious. “Welcome. Instead of searching for us, we have brought you right here!” he said.

Another finger snaps, as a sudden bright light shines on them.

William looked at the wall, “Oh, my god.” Patrick is taken by storm, as there is someone hanging on the wall. No other than… “Hayden! NO, what have they done to you!? You, MONSTER!” he screamed, panicking.

Agatho is getting really pissed now, Patrick trying to get himself loose, as he too and everyone else is hanging on a wall. Chained up. The figure speaks again, “Oh take it easy, he’s just sleeping.” As if this all doesn’t matter to any of us.

Tharan takes stand-by, as he notices Hayden’s amulet started glowing randomly. Yes, that weird stone thing he acquired. William feels powerless and tired, speaking slowly. “What, the, hell, is, going, on.” He says. Patrick struggles, trying to get loose. “I could hit you so damn hard right now, if we weren’t all CHAINED UP.”

The other black figure continues, as only his smile is visible. “Take a chill pill or something, look: Yes, you are captured, but for a good reason. Now, come forth headmaster.”

A new guy emerges from the base, “Well hello there guys, we meet again.” He says. Patrick realizes who it is. “Oh god no, XYSTRAN YOU SMUG ASS BASTARD!” Xystran laughs uncontrollably “Hahaha, yes it’s me! Again, that none of you saw this coming. We planned all of this, and it went perfectly! None of you know where you all are, and now that this is the perfect betrayal, let us begin.”

The figure seems done with them, as he complains, “Headmaster, isn’t it a bit easier to kill them here and now? We have everything prepared you know.” William is getting pretty pissed as well by now. “If you DARE touch one of us, I swear I’ll kill you one handed!” Xystran looks curiously at William. “Ah yes thank you, subject.

William, no need to get angry now, you guys played your part, now it’s time to go as we’re ready to take over this operation and that includes you guys.”

Hayden’s looking down on the ground remaining conscious, focusing his anger on Xystran. “What. Did. You. Just. Say” he says, slowly and with a deep, deep voice. Sounds like the guy got a cold or something. Xystran is getting more and more cynical as well. “Oh, hey there captain, still alive, are you? Wonderful! I’ll start with you first, hehehe.” Hayden knows what’s coming for him, as he knows there is only one way out of this. “Come at me.” He says. Agatho wakes up, not really feeling 100% after all those magic tricks Xystran’s guards and servants used on him.

Agatho wakes up, slowly seeing the situation he’s in. “What’s all the screaming about? HOLY FATHER OF SATAN, HAYDEN WHAT HAPPED TO YOU!?” he screamed. Hayden seems to either have accepted his fate, or have a plan as his next words are; “Xystran, come here for a second, I need to tell you something.” Xystran has no idea if he’s falling for a trap or not, “Telling secrets are we now? Well come on, tell me!” Hayden looks him right in the eye as he screams; “I. Am. Not. Your. TOY!” With one big scream, Hayden pulls himself right of the stakes, not giving a crap about the metal bars holding him on the wall, thus bleeding like a cow.

Xystran yells as he realizes that shit’s about to go down, “GUARDS! KILL HIM!”

They did not stand a chance. As in one of guards’ stabs Hayden, Hayden screams so loud it hurts, as even Tharan takes cover from another sudden threat. The amulet weirdly lifts off his chest, floating in front of Hayden’s face, flashes once, so bright no one can see a thing. As the light clears, silence rules once again. Patrick tries to focus on what he’s seeing. Patrick: “Hayden, is that, you?”

Part 6: A friend’s true form.

What stood in front of Patrick was no man, no. Rather, a beast. Panting, blowing steam as the cold air reacts with his breath, the beast just stood there. Xystran immediately hides behind the doors, calling all his units to attack. The entire crew just stood there, looking at this furred, angry monster. The beast let out the loudest growl you can imagine. Storming towards the guards, plowing through them like butter. Xystran doesn’t make a sound, hoping he won’t get noticed. Patrick hid as well, shaking in panic behind a rock. “What is going on!?” he yelled at the rest. Tharan waved Patrick to get low on the ground as no one knew what the beast was going to do. “Hell do I know!? Just one thing; STAY DOWN!” Inside the building, wherever the beast may be, sounds of destruction and random screams can be heard everywhere. The beast is raging so hard, you can see guards flying through the roof at times. Xystran stays put, as after 5 minutes, the beast walks back outside. Still badly injured, but alive.

Xystran quickly grabs a knife, stabbing the beast again, but in his arm. It growls once again, barely staying conscious. The beast speaks with a very, very low and endangering voice. It tried to speak in pure rage towards Xystran, “YOU. YOU BAD. BAD HUMAN.” Xystran has never, ever been so scared, screaming like a little girl. “Oh my god what are you!?!” The beast stood in front of him, breathing right in Xystran’s face. “KNOW ONE THING, I AM YOUR DOOM.” He grabs Xystran by his throat, pulls back and smacks him against the hard rock walls. Xystran falls to the ground with a loud thud, as everyone looks at his lifeless body. The beast seems calmer yet enraged. He walks up to Xystran, poking his cheek.

One of the guards stood by the entrance, letting everyone go as he too wants to escape. Thus, letting everyone else fall right of the walls, no longer chained up.

The monster or whatever one would call still stood there, looking at Xystran. “YOU’RE DONE WITH, BUDDY.”

He sits down, finally taking a rest. Agatho peeks around the corner, looking at it. What he was looking at was unknown, never seen before. It looked like a dog, but bigger. His face, all scarred up, colored in red, gray and black. Claws so big, he could rip right through Xystran if he so desired to. It was not big, more packed with power than anything Agatho has ever seen before. Not even his own kind. Agatho peeks around the corner, “Hayden, is that you?” he whispers. It grows softly towards Agatho, as Tharan steps in as well.

Tharan slowly walks a bit closer, asking with the calmest voice he can put up. “Hey, we’re not your enemies, you can take a rest now, calm yourself and listen. You did a great thing back there, now your wounds are so deep, would you let us take you away from here?”

The beast let out one large breath, as his eyes rolled back in his head. Knowing that there is no danger lurking anymore, he would no longer need to stay awake. He fainted. The entire crew walked towards the beast, Agatho poked him first. “Is he dead?” he asked. William put a hold of Agatho’s shoulder, pulling him away from the beast. “Let me see, no, I can feel a heartbeat. We need to take him away, somewhere he can rest.” Patrick was completely baffled. “Can someone explain what the fuck just happened please?” Tharan: “No, we can’t, now come. William is right, so everyone takes one limb, and carry him with you.”

Patrick looked disappointed, “Hello, I’m still here too you know, let me help! Sorry for hiding, that was just way too scary. Hehe” he said.

Tharan looked up at Patrick “Alright then, you grab him by his head, be very careful!”

Agatho asked curiously, “But, what about Xystran?”

Tharan sighed, as he knew what would come would not be fun. “Well, I don’t like to do this, but we need to ask him some questions, so I will take his soul with me.” William gasped in shock, “HIS SOUL?”, “What magic is THIS!?” he yelled. Tharan tried to explain, following his idea, “Yes, he’s too dangerous like this, and when we’re done with him, I’ll send him to the bottom of the ocean.” Agatho seemed scared, as this idea of Tharan could really end in trouble. “Seems harmless at first, but won’t the pressure of the water crush him?” Tharan ended the discussion as we didn’t have much time left. “Yes, it will. No further questions.” He was just so angry at everything at that time, no time to think of what his actions would or could cause. As by pure magic, a small, blue trails seep out of Xystran, following us along our trip. Back to the cave we slept before. Once there, Tharan kept hold of the blue trail that is Xystran’s soul. As for the beast or maybe Hayden, the team put all blanked together, carefully laying him down. William said that judging from his breath, he’s asleep and doing well. Minus the wounds, of course.

The following morning…

The beast was the first to wake up after fainting from all the exertion. “What the, why is it so warm?” Agatho jumped right up, as if he didn’t even sleep! Immediately waking everyone else up “Oh guys he’s awake!” William did not agree with Agatho’s excitement. “Agatho good grief calm down!” as he didn’t know what could possibly be so exciting. The beast looked around as he noticed being in a cave, but he does seem to recognize it. “Guys, what is going on, everything hurts so much!” Tharan noticed as well, “So it IS you, Hayden. A true miracle I say, still alive after all of that”

Hayden was in total panic, not remembering anything from the day before. “All of what, what is all this? Guys explain this to me!” he asked. Patrick sat next to Hayden, comforting him. “You don’t remember anything do you? Just, stay still okay? You’ve been through a lot yesterday.”

Tharan carefully explained what happened, trying not to trigger Hayden again. Hayden: “So, I can’t look at myself, but as from what I’ve heard, Tharan, it sounds but frightening and awesome at the same time.” Tharan: “Indeed, and guys, I have something to tell you. Something I’ve been holding for way too long.” Tharan explained further after getting everyone’s attention; “Hayden and Agatho, I’m sorry. Agatho, I don’t know anything about your past. And Hayden, that amulet was my idea, even though I didn’t know what would happen, I did know that it was needed at some time. And thus, here we are. You have transformed into your true self.” Hayden and Agatho looked at each other, as Hayden continued, “My true self, so you’re saying?” Tharan held on to his shoulder. “Hayden, why did you think you don’t remember anything about your parents? You are not human, no. An unknown species, yes. This amulet kept hold of that, as I visited you when you were a child. I know you always looked up in the sky, knowing something was looking at you. That was me all along.”

Hayden began to sob, as his whole childhood just get a whole lot better. He always thought that back then, he always had someone was watching over him for support. “So that was, you. Just, shut up and hug me.”

Tharan gave the large furball a good hug leaving everyone in shock, as a true being of the greater kind was standing next to them, guarding over this wonderchild. Hayden falling right into his arms, sobbing away.

Tharan: “Listen, now that you know about yourself, just be a good boy, okay? All I know for sure about you, is that Agatho and you are related somehow, brothers even maybe. Who knows for sure? Agatho can learn you about anything that’s yet to come regarding yourself. I’m sad to say this but my mission has been fulfilled. Hayden, you’re a good guy, the friendliest guy I’ve ever met. I must indeed go soon.” Hayden: “But, knowing all of this just now, know how much I blamed YOU for everything in the past, how could you still love me the way you do now?” Hayden is still in Tharan’s arms, holding him tight, looking him right in the eye. Tharan continued about Hayden’s origins, “Because you are a demigod as well, my poor friend. I had to raise you, not knowing how but I did.” Agatho also had tears rolling down his eyes by now, “I have never seen a demon cry, except for myself just now. Tharan, you are so sweet.”

William and Patrick just stood still, tears rolling off their chin on to the ground. They didn’t do a thing.

Hayden wipes away his tears. “Tharan, I can’t thank you enough. I must figure out what I am, but down to business, Xystran must be awakened. Admiring this can be done later.”

Tharan nods, pulls the still present blue orb towards him by pure magic, clenching his hands together then letting it go.

Xystran gasps loudly, seeing and hearing us, but not able to move. “Oh god I’m still alive! I must get to the DAC at once!” Hayden interrupted him, “Oh no you don’t, hehe. Look around you.” Xystran seems to be able to see in this state, “Hayden, you’re still, oh god what are you? I remember, you, smashing me to the wall. What even…”

Tharan explained the current situation as they needed to ask Xystran what he was planning to do with us. “You can’t move, Xystran. You can talk to us, but your body is somewhere else. We have some questions for you.”

Xystran was both disappointed in himself and scared, “. Well, let’s get this over with then”

Part 7: Betrayal and Repair

Patrick peeked at the floating soul, as Tharan started mumbling to figure out his questions. After a while, he seemed to have his list. He began, “Why did you betray all of us in the first place?” he asked. Xystran went silent, softly mumbling, “Because you guys don’t deserve this amount of fame, and the demigods were about to be discovered anyways. I had to try to rid of you, Hayden.”

Hayden tried to move, looking at the orb, shouting angrily “You ass! We trusted you! Patrick did you know about this?!” Patrick looked up to the orb, balding his fists as if he wanted to punch Xystran right in the face. “You were our leader, our to-go helpdesk. I’ve learnt so much from you and now, look at yourself. Where are all the other students even!?” he yelled. Xystran was audibly sobbing, probably with tears on the end of his old base. “I know! I’m sorry I let you all down, I couldn’t resist Team Talis taking over the whole operation like that, no. It grew over me, and as for the others. They don’t know anything, what do I do?!”

Patrick sat down, looking down on the ground. “You know, you’re a friendly person and that’s the only way I know you. Please, let us fix this and set you back on the right track. We only want to help.”

Xystran sniffed another time, wanting to get rid of his tears. “Patrick, I don’t know if I can. I just asked random people for your location and so I set this whole operation up. The bad guys you were hearing about too, they don’t even exist, it was all a hoax set up by me, and everyone believed it! Not that the good guys like in the café know that.”

Tharan took a step forward, pointing right at the orb. “Listen Xystran, your students need you. You are their idol, now if what you say is true, that means we can fix your situation. Would you like that?” Xystran is still crying, but now crying of joy. “Yes please, I was stupid, just get me out of this mess!” Tharan waved at Agatho and Patrick, “Guys, let’s get Xystran his body back. Patrick, watch over Hayden, will you?” Patrick saluted Tharan, “Yes sir!” Agatho and Patrick went on their way with Tharan, Xystran’s soul in Tharan’s hands. Patrick brushed Hayden’s damaged body, petting the poor guy on his head. Hayden smiled, “You know Patrick, this is exactly what I wanted to do someday, not murder and end the villain, but to reset him on the right track. That’s what I enjoy the most and he will too. I’m sure of it.”

Patrick nodded, “I know, Hayden. It’s so wonderful to see things like these turn around.”, he said. Hayden looked at him, “I need to ask you something, will you stay with us, or go back to the old camp and keep learning that way?” Patrick looked at everyone in awe, “Heck no, I’m staying with you guys of course! No offence against Xystran and his team, but this is so much more fun than normal training!”

Hayden and Xystran look each other right in the eye, winking at each other. “That’s then settled!” They both said.
Patrick jumped a hole right in the air, so happy. So damn happy. After a good hour or so of walking, Xystran and the rest came back. Xystran laying on Tharan’s shoulders.

Tharan pointed to the westside, looking at his compass. “Pack your stuff, we need to head back so that we can finish this all up.” He said, looking up to the bright blue morning sky. Hayden slowly stood up, “My wounds have healed a bit now, I can slowly walk again.”

And so, they went back on track. Tharan and Agatho working together, getting everyone teleported right back to where they were. Xystran’s camp for the gifted.

Part 8: Our mission

The next day, they all settled for what to do next. For one thing, Miranda is still in town at work, and Xystran will need to go back to camp. Xystran woke up first, already having his stuff ready for departure, so he asked Tharan if he could be teleported back and if they would ever need a place to stay, they would always be welcome. So, by the time the rest would wake up, he would already be long gone.

Hayden followed, around one hour later. “Good morning everyone,” he yawned. “Wake up; we have a lot to do today!” He also began packing up for leaving, already taking the others into account as well. Slowly after the rest woke up too, al mumbling in protest as they haven’t really gotten much rest in the past week or so… Hayden explained that they would need to return to town and see what has changed, also explain to Miranda what happened here because well, Hayden has kind of forgot to do all of that. After a bit if planning, Tharan and Agatho worked together again to get us all back home.

Once arrived, they were all taking by shock, as it’s not their ordinary welcome back. Hell, how did they even know? Because when they did show up again, the entire town center was all decorated and all the people of Talis immediately began singing for us. Everyone spread the word like wildfire, “The mayor is back!”, “The mayor is back!” could be heard everywhere in a matter of seconds. Miranda walked right towards us. “Long time no see, sir! As you can see, we are all very happy to have you back in town. In case you didn’t know, Tharan kept us all up to date on your adventures. We are all so, so happy to have someone like you on our side.” She said with the biggest smile on her face, she was so happy to have us all back again.

Hayden gave her a hug, “It’s been some time, yes! I missed you too.” Holding on to her shoulders Hayden continued, “And so Tharan has been keeping you updated has he not? Didn’t think of it at all.” Tharan stepped up, also looking at Hayden with the same smile, “Indeed, you had forgotten about your duties so instead, when you were travelling or whatever else, I used said time to tell Miranda here what happened in the last couple of days. This way the town knew as well why their beloved mayor was suddenly gone.”

Hayden patted Tharan on the back, continuing his little speech. “I highly appreciate it, buddy. Now, as for Agatho, Patrick and William…. Patrick and Agatho are staying with me, that’s certain. There is not much left to do if things are already known out here. But!”

He walked up on the stage Miranda was standing on, waiting for the rest to arrive. “People of Talis! As you all have heard by now, I am back! Together with my crew of course. Please welcome our new residents, and there will be a comeback party this afternoon at the town hall. Everyone is invited and entrance is for free!” He spoke to all watching people.

Miranda stopped him for a second, “But sir, how do you want to get all of those resources managed to quickly?” She asked a bit concerned. Hayden said, “Well, have you forgotten about our catering services? And don’t forget, we all work together for the best.”. Miranda face palmed, “Yeah never mind I said anything, oopsie.”

Hayden held his arms up high, and yelled loud and clear, “Spread the word, make it a night you can remember with your friends!” Patrick, William and Agatho joined up on stage, the entire team as proud as they can be.

Agatho came up to Hayden, pulling on his now way too small pants. “Hey dude, you may want to change your clothing or just none, and mind giving me the keys of your home again? I really want to sleep.” Hayden felt around in his pockets, breaking instantly the moment he tried to grab the keys. “Here you go, and as for the rest of you guys too, go get some rest. You have all earned it. I will go help with setting up the party for this evening.” Due to us travelling back in the morning, they arrived around 2 hours shy of 6 AM. Thus, besides everyone having woken up in the morning, the insane jetlag or whatever one would call it in teleportation terms, they were all tired as all hell.

The guys went straight to home, Patrick went to test his new bed and Agatho as well. As for the rest, the entire town had a wonderful evening and Earth was saved, at least from Xystran’s plans. They may not know about everything, but whatever they know, they will certainly try to help. With their team and courage, they can just about tackle anything. Helping people out and figuring out more about their selves., that is the journey. It’s far from over…

~The end.

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